Thursday, September 30

Sometimes, you need to take control

I often feel extra tired and sleepy lately, especially in school. Since September began, I have not been following any sleeping pattern at all. If you were to give an illustration for it, think of a finger painting of a blind 4 year old boy with 1 arm cut off, or your thesis draft.

If you got affected by the latter, I'm sorry. But what I am really trying to say is, I have to start taking control of my sleeping schedule. I have to normalize it or at least give an effort to normalizing it so it won't be a burden anymore. Especially now that semester is going to an end and final exams and deadlines are lurking everywhere, no one wants to carry the extra load of feeling weak.

So if you were like me who has that problem of going to sleep, he're's what we can do:

1. Read a book. It's a good mental exercise and although it makes you remember those essays that you have to do, it gives you another reason to sleep to hide away from it. 

2. Don't drink too much liquid at night. This is a challenge if you are always thirsty like me. But not drinking too much would lessen or fully take away that urge of going to the bathroom every 10 minutes, so it actually makes your butt glued to your bed until you fall asleep.

3. Stay away from the TV. Contrary to popular belief, sleeping actually requires your eyes to be closed. And TV prevents you from doing that. Don't give yourself the reason that you will just watch a boring show, because you know what your fingers will do to that remote more than anyone else.

4. Stay away from the computer, or anything that can access your Facebook profile. Give it a rest. Your Facebook profile has been working hard since the beginning of the year. Plus, it won't go anywhere, swear.

5. Think of happy thoughts. Because maybe you're just too emo to fall asleep.

Not having a good sleeping habit can overcome you. Good thing is you can control it little by little, and ultimately you can control yourself. Because the truth is, controlling something or someone is not always bad. 

This is but mere metaphor

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  1. I like the picture, and I think you make a good puppeteer. :)

    You've always had a dry sense of humor. Hahaha. Sweet, sweet Artem. You've broken free of the strangles of the respectable life I can see, exploring what your potential is. I like that. I hope you like what you see. :)

    Take care always. If you need someone to talk to you know who to call. :)