Wednesday, September 22

A Wednesday journey to the stream of consciousness

When I woke up today at 11:00, I was 2 hours late for my first class: the lights are dim as my room gets no light outside as always, and the air is cooler than usual that made me fall asleep again as I have placed my netbook on my lap to do my Psycholinguistics homework, which is my second double-period for the day.

The next thing I remember is turning the lights on at 11:45 after a sudden jolt of wakefulness coming from the heat of my netbook that had been placed on my lap for almost an hour; from my desktop, I opened the PDF book that flashed p. 253 showing a syntactic tree as an aid to discuss Ferreira's study in 1996 on the left side while placing the unsaved word file that I have created for my homework on the right side, making both of them visible at the same time in my 10" screen.

Still half asleep at 12:03 I was done making a table showing 5 studies discussed on the 11th chapter of the book, enabling me to vaguely  discuss Brown and McNeill, Fromkin, Roelofs, Astell and Harley, and Boomer and Laver, in 1968, 1996, 1992, 1973, and 1966 reversely, making myself ready to take a bath only to almost accidentally wash my face with conditioner--Clear conditioner--then come to school for the second period.

 My tweet earlier today summarized my early venture in less than 140 words, but I learned stream of consciousness today as a literary device, I just had to use it!

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