Monday, September 13


It's always difficult to start. You always want to make your works seem creative and incomparable for them to stand out. Why wouldn't you? In this age, standing out has been a necessity. Everyone wants to acquire their place in the platform. Everyone wants to share what they did, who they went out with the other day, how painful their heartache is, and how optimistic they are into saving the world. 
But maybe not everyone wants to stand out. Or more accurately, maybe not everything one creates is made to stand out. Maybe some things are created to make little ripples; maybe some blogs are meant to suffice nothing but to channel emotions into writing. It doesn't mean though that silent works are not meant to be appreciated or be thought less of a product of those exhaustively broadcasted works. Maybe its sheer softness among the boisterous channels produces its own uniqueness, it's own beauty.

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  1. Good eve. this may seem a surprise, but I hope you don't mind me praising your blog! Cliche as it might sound, but I accidentally clicked on the link posted in the news feed of my Facebook account. Having opened it already, I just thought about reading some of your posts anyway ( and for which I really apologize). Your blog is indeed, sensible and sane! Keep it up.