Monday, September 27

I need to be more careful next time

I'm now counting my blog posts that I left without titles. So far I have 2 now, and both of them emerged title-less unintentionally.

Well even the second one, my take on a book I've read, was not even supposed to be posted yet. I intended to save it as a draft, but it turned out to be published.  And I realized it just today.

Score one for the noob bloggeer.

 Aside from that, I need to be more careful on my lone Manila ventures at night. I have been walking more around Manila at night and it has been treating me kindly lately, but you'll never know when you'll meet that one person who will ruin that perception. 

Randomly tonight, I visited the henna stand in Adriatico where Pat, Joseph, and I went on Pat's birthday to be inked. A weak-one-to-last-for-two-weeks kind of ink. I went there to get my two stars fixed because they needed reshading and another little brother.

Two-week, weak ink
People there were nice. They have a shop in Vito Cruz where you can get a henna, tattoo, or even go get pierced. I was invited to get a tat or get something pierced, but those aren't really for me now. Or will be. Or IDK. Too bad though that I wasn't able to take pictures with them. They really are nice people. Well, I got the number of the artist just in case we have an event in the campus to invite them. 

Something tells me I'll be meeting them guys again soon. 


  1. Ooh. A henna tat. I've had stars din! Haha. And it didn't even last for two weeks. Dunno if 'twas the ink, but I think 'twas because I'm acidic. And I'm planning to get inked soon, or get a piercing. Lol. Still thinking 'cause those would be permanent. :)


  2. Well, as long as you get them cleanly and you've decided well on where to put them or the design, why not! But I think I'm okay with henna already. Because I'm not as badass as I think I am. LOL :P

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Artem Alabastro

  3. Oh man, you go out at night? In Manila? That's just crazy! :|

    Nonetheless, I like the 3 little stars. By the way you seem a little sad. Don't be.

    And pagaling ka na ha. :)