Thursday, March 24

A poem in my wall

In the midst of thriving, breaking
into the realm of all earthly possibilities--
Amid the dark light of
disconcerting pain, troubling hopes, and weeping fate.

As when the crashing waves and the billowing winds
Forcibly weakens his human heart
Casting it under nature's spell
(all artificial)
But never wanes.

For it belongs to a man who offers his human heart
to seek for his wondering joy
Across the seas, the mountains
far away from the land of promises
to a place not barren with love.

It is not now, but isn't not-ever
Knowing one day, soon 
He shall face the smiling grace of Chance
Only to break down and weep
Shattered with fulfillment and raging adulation

"I am home
and I am here to stay."