Monday, February 6

A morning walk

It's 5:45 in the morning and I was reading a book for my thesis. I had the urge to walk outside. Wearing only a pair of khakis and sando, I went to a nearby 7/11--a staple place for people with nowhere to go in ungodly hours. I bought the first thing that I saw as an excuse: a bag of Chippy. Red. Salty. Good enough. 

Cue few puffs, walking students in lanyards and uniforms, morning sweepers, a lady, another lady with her son, and a girl buying Red Horse 500mL--I was good to go. 

I walked home taking a dimly-lit road. It was cold. February cold. 

I got home, went to my open computer, and stared.

Can't wait for Sagada.

Tuesday, January 31

On Observing

Chuck Palahniuk once wrote that the best way to waste one's life is by taking notes and the easiest way to avoid living is just watch. There is some sense in his words as an observer is bound to to live his live relative to the lives of others, but I do not believe that an observer's life is void of its meaning whenever he observes. He sees things that others do not see, feel things that others do not feel, and experience events that others do not and cannot experience. And these perceptions are just his own. Whenever one walks along the streets of Pedro Gil and observes his surroundings, from the wailing jeepneys to the transient people, one creates an alternative dimension--where meanings are endless and experience is unique. Vicarious living is mere self-sensing that creates another version of someone else's experience and makes it his own. 

Quite frankly, I feel I'm most alive when I just watch. 

Saturday, April 16

Summer Screenshot 7: Graduation


To all graduates who are feeling the same thing (cum laude or not), still, congratulations on your graduation. Serve (a) the people (b) your husband (c) both. 

Thursday, April 14

Summer Screenshot 6: Adele

Rolling Stones for Adele

The April issue of Rolling Stone will have the face of that girl who basically nails your heartbreak story in her songs. Even though she said that she doesn't make music for eyes but for ears, cmon, look at her face. Really, cmon. That should give her plus points. 

As if she needs it though. Check where her confidence comes and tell me you don't agree with her. 

Wednesday, April 13

Summer Screenshot 5: Misfits

Simon and Alisha shghrrgrjggifjg

Best moment so far.
(What's with me and kisses lately?)

Monday, April 11

Summer Screenshot 4: Triangle

Locally released as Ghost Ship. I don't know if the change of title is due to an advertising stint or just plain mockery to local audience's intellect. But remembering the movie, I'm pretty much sure it's the former. 

The plot was laboriously written but there were a lot of loopholes. Still, it's some entertaining waste of 2 hours of your summer. 

P.S. It's not a new movie. It was actually first screened in 2009.

P.P.S. It's not the movie Ghost Ship (2002) in this link

342:1 ratio -
Cadaver-to-seagull in the movie. Or loopholes-to-movie. Whatever

Sunday, April 10

Summer Screenshot 3: Chris Carrabba

Chris Carrabba

Dedicated to that one guy who practically made instructional videos for guys like me on how to feel. Happy 36th birthday. 

Summer Screenshot 2: Catfish

Personally, this is the documentary that had the most impact. I used to have an online relationship myself, and I'm glad it only brings me good memories. If you haven't watched this, please do.

Saturday, April 9

Litratista in Luneta

At the Rizal Park (Luneta). This picture was taken by Mang Joni, one of the many photographers you can see in the park. 

We were fortunate enough to see how they manually develop their pictures. Seeing the process and hearing his story really gives a deeper appreciation to the somewhat meaningless picture we have in the park. Sad thing is that there are approximately 120 photographers like him in there and most park visitors now have their means of getting their own pictures, so most of the photographers either find a better-paying job or find other stints. Mang Joni is lucky because he get to be the official photographer for tourists sometimes, which pays better. But on regular days, he gets to endlessly walk in the park to find people who are willing to be photographed--retro style. 

Click on the caption of Mang Joni's picture to see the video. And visit Rizal Park to have your own adventure. 

Video link to see Mang Joni