Saturday, April 9

Litratista in Luneta

At the Rizal Park (Luneta). This picture was taken by Mang Joni, one of the many photographers you can see in the park. 

We were fortunate enough to see how they manually develop their pictures. Seeing the process and hearing his story really gives a deeper appreciation to the somewhat meaningless picture we have in the park. Sad thing is that there are approximately 120 photographers like him in there and most park visitors now have their means of getting their own pictures, so most of the photographers either find a better-paying job or find other stints. Mang Joni is lucky because he get to be the official photographer for tourists sometimes, which pays better. But on regular days, he gets to endlessly walk in the park to find people who are willing to be photographed--retro style. 

Click on the caption of Mang Joni's picture to see the video. And visit Rizal Park to have your own adventure. 

Video link to see Mang Joni


  1. This is really really cool! It looks so the kind of tint there was in old pics of our parents. :))

  2. It is, isn't it? Mang Joni the photographer used bleach and such to develop it pa. It's not just a sepia option in the camera. :)) You should visit there in a cool day.