Monday, February 6

A morning walk

It's 5:45 in the morning and I was reading a book for my thesis. I had the urge to walk outside. Wearing only a pair of khakis and sando, I went to a nearby 7/11--a staple place for people with nowhere to go in ungodly hours. I bought the first thing that I saw as an excuse: a bag of Chippy. Red. Salty. Good enough. 

Cue few puffs, walking students in lanyards and uniforms, morning sweepers, a lady, another lady with her son, and a girl buying Red Horse 500mL--I was good to go. 

I walked home taking a dimly-lit road. It was cold. February cold. 

I got home, went to my open computer, and stared.

Can't wait for Sagada.

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