Sunday, September 26

These are extraordinary times.

This is the introductory sentence of Alan Webber in his book Rules of Thumb, a book containing 52 rules embedding the author’s experiences being the entrepreneur, team captain and player, communicator, and a politician’s friend. The central thought of his book is to rewrite the rules that we know because today is unpredictable and fast paced. He talks about a time that greatly needs sense making due to sudden and exponential rise of globalization’s and technology’s power.

He talks about our time.

One rule a week

 Some rules reflect insights about leadership, communication, change, and conflict management. Here are some of them rules:

Rule 1
When the going gets tough, the tough relax.
Rule 3
Ask the last question first.
Rule 5
Change is a math formula.
Rule 8
New realities demand new categories.
Rule 10
A good question beats a good answer.
Rule 11
We have moved from an either/or past to a both/and future.
Rule 12
The difference between a crisis and an opportunity is when you learn about it.
Rule 15
Every start up needs 4 things: Change, Connections, Conversations, and Community.
Rule 16
Facts are facts; stories are how we learn.


  1. I like Rule 11. And it's interesting. Actually the book is interesting. :)


  2. It is, actually. It gave 52 rules all in all--one rule a week. Then you can add your 53rd rule in the end para cool. :)) But seriously, it's quite sensible. Plus, we're donating the book to DAC so any UPM student can borrow it. :)

    Artem Alabastro