Tuesday, September 14

Keeping it sane

I guess I should start now.

I changed the header of my blog today. My previous title signifies nothing about me and I find it annoying everytime it pops into my screen. So I changed it to something I can relate with, something I need:


A friend always tells me to be sane everytime we say our goodbyes. I find the advice sensible but mostly helpful.With that, I always find little ways to keep my sanity intact-- to venture outside daily routines but still find reasons for doing what I do.

Fear of empty spaces
Here are 3 activities I do lately to keep me sane:

1. Walking alone at night

Walking alone gives me time to reflect and muse on the people and places I pass by. I couldn't do it at another time of the day because (1) I don't want to have skin cancer (2) I may be just sleeping during that particular time. Still, walking at night has its own faults. It may not seem safe, being in Manila and all, but when you've been around the area for the whole of your life, some places just seem safe to you.

2. Watching science--in a form of an American series 

Forensic-themed shows come and go. I have loved and left CSI, Cold Case and Law And Order, and retaining probably 7% of what I have learned from them. This time it's Bones. The interplay of forensic science and anthropology interests me, plus the show's relentless bashing to social sciences particularly psychology is entertaining. Not because I agree with them (hey, I study social sciences too), but it's rather comical for characters being portrayed as super smart to forget that the world is not governed by purely sciences. And with that, I feel superior somehow. Ha. Ha. That and well, Emily Deschanel portrays the lead.

Dr Temperance Brennan at your service

3. Micro Video Blogging

I've been trying microblogging via Twitter for a month now. So far so good. Plus I'm doing random video recording when I feel like it. It makes it easier to verbalize your thoughts sometimes because you don't have to write or type them anymore. Plus this one, too. This contributes to my blogging activity that I hope I can maintain.

Hey, anything to keep you sane, right?

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