Sunday, September 19

Nothing spells Sunday to me better than waking up late and doing nothing. Earlier today, I woke up at 1 carrying with me 18 hours of sleep, officially baling me out of the state of sleeplessness I was in last week. And this Sunday, that nothing came in a form of a movie called Choke.

Choke (2008) is a film adaptation of director Clark Gregg from the book by Chuck Palahniuk bearing the same title. It’s about Victor, his loser life, and his genius plan of faking to choke in restaurants so wealthy people can go and save him. His so called “victims” then will feel that they have saved a person and in return continue to help him by sending him financial aid—money that he uses for his insane foster mother’s medical bills. The way he sees it, he sells senses of fulfillment to those who need it in a cheaper price. It’s like adopting a foreign baby he said, only that it is he that these people have adopted. 

Not a bad idea, selling feelings. Especially a worthy feeling at that.

The story is twisted, as other Palahniuk produced plots. His will depict introductory bombardment with realistically horrid details and individually build them up only to concoct them in a giant bomb that will timely explode just before the ending. His will give you confusion coated with contentment, and as much as this movie tuned down the plot’s mindfuckedness, I still was satisfied.

Fanboy-ing aside, let me give you my take of the film.

For the most part, the movie showed multiple clips of Victor’s modus operandi. That together with his narration of how badass he is because aside from a liar, he is also a Med school dropout turned medieval tour guide, a sexaholic who can’t feel for another person,and a total jerk resulting from an upbringing by his unconventional mother (Not to mention at one point he was convinced that he was a half-clone of Jesus.) Little did he know that the state which he is often in—choking—is a metaphor from the labels the world gives him. 

As  he was relieved from choking after he gave it a final attempt while in the interrogation room with 2 policemen, he drew a conclusion and let go of all labels attached to him.

“We’re not evil sinners or perfect knockoffs of God. We let the world tell us whether we’re saints or sex addicts, sane or insane, heroes or victims...we can decide for ourselves.”


  1. Omg! I clicked your link and let your page load for a while. Then distractedly I went back to it and started reading after some time. I thought I just stumbled on this, I completely forgot it was your page! I was going like "oh this guy writes interestingly" then I suddenly got "oh hey! This is Artem's page nga pala!" HAHA

    I'm such a mess. But I really did enjoy reading. This Palahniuk stuff is captivating. :)) I shall be lurking here often as a means of catching up on you. :)


  2. Heey. Thanks for giving me my first comment! I smiled so much for it like a dork. So this is how receiving your first comment feels like. Haha.

    And yes, I finally have a blog that I can call mine! Call it redundancy for my course, but I just need a new venting outlet.

    Thanks for dropping by. I hope to see your pretty name written all over this blog soon. :)

    Artem A.

  3. Arteeem! I was itching to read your blog the moment you mentioned it, but as I've said, I didn't have access to a large screen. But I was able to read your entries on a mere 3" screen using my phone though.

    Well what can I say, you really are a great writer! I'm in awe as to how well-constructed your entries are - it seems as if you're talking to me face-to-face, emotions and all.

    And I really like the way you write reviews, providing an unbiased view plus your own opinion regarding the movie, with your experience as well. Makes me, or any other reading this, want to watch a movie with you. But since we both like watching movies alone (Haha!), might as well watch the movie silently and just rave about it afterwards. It would be really nice having to hear your inputs about a movie.

    And for the record, I'm typing this comment, which could pass as a blog post (Lol!) for the nth time now 'cause my netbook's crashing from time to time. But hey, I promised you one, right?

    Expect me to visit your blog often! ;)


  4. Hello Shee, thanks for dropping by. Well, you may not be the first one to comment, but you surely are the first to give me a 5-paragraph one! Haha. It seriously means a lot. :)

    And a good plan you have in there. Malay mo we can watch a movie together, or at least exchange notes for now. LOL that sounds geeky. :))

    I'll count on your visits. Expect randomness in here, though. I just hope by that time, your netbook won't act up anymore so you won't have difficulty on viewing this.

    Thanks again!

    Artem A.