Thursday, September 16

Dimension frustration

3D has been the biggest revelation to the movie industry so far. More than well-built plot, interesting characters, and skillful cinematography, moviegoers also take account of the experience they have when watching movies. It's like dining in a fancy restaurant. Aside from exquisite meals and variety of drinks they have to offer, they also sell the ambiance that comes with the package every time diners go to them to eat. It's the same bananas with watching movies: 3D facilitates the creation of your unique experience contributing to the overall feel of the film.

More than facilitation though, some movies are just pleasing to the eyes.

A friend and I watched Resident Evil:Afterlife in 3D at Midtown last night. Judging the previous installments' content and the game-turned-movie nature of the film, we were more excited on the experience rather than substance. 

 We actually drank coffee first before entering the movie house for better effect (my idea, of course).But the outcome was far too mediocre to talk about. It's not purely the fault of the film itself though. Somehow Midtown cinema (which I love) contributed to the bad effect of the film. The projection was relatively dim, 3D glasses are quite loose and rather uncomfortable wearing, floor lights are incredibly bright, and buckets of free popcorn were too small.

Well, the latter is not really a part of my ranting. They're so tiny it's actually kinda cute somehow.

We're so tiny we're gonna die
Still, it's a good way of spending an early evening. Making fun of a crappy film is always entertaining.

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