Tuesday, September 14

Sir, I believe it's a primordial soup

I have been thinking the whole day today on what the theme of this blog will be. As I have read some blogs, I see that most of them have  underlying theme that they incessantly talk about. Some blogs talk a lot about academic lives, some blogs rave about science and math jokes, some focus on ventures of tasting different iced teas, and some...well, you know what I mean.

But I still can't figure out what this blog will be. I am not a one-sided guy and I enjoy a lot of things. Well, maybe too much of things as they can be disoriented at times. I often get comments about how weird I am because I talk about Greek mythology at one minute, and then talk about how I like to study sociolinguistics or forensic anthropology then next. Well, that's just me being random.
So let me not define what this blog will be and let us see as it runs its own natural course.

(Let me tell you, it may not be pretty.)

Still, let me strive to fulfill the purpose of this blog. And by doing that, well, I'll be needing less restraining.


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