Saturday, January 22

Random thoughts about the sanest person I know

Random thoughts about Artem:
1. Artem was a puppy (yes, in his past life) - a pu...NO, a poodle.
2. Artem is awesome... when he is asleep.
3. He seldom sleeps.
4. He wants to be a whale. Yes, seriously.
5. Artem is awesome. (When you are in opposite world.)
6. He loves oily stuff.
7.  Artem wants to be forever young. ;)
8. He is random like LALALALA.
9. Oh, he knows that I am typing stuff in his site, and he would never delete this post.
10. Now something positive: HE IS....UHMMM... PRETTY and..... oh well, just that.

This post is not by Artem.

-Pat A. :)


  1. GYAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHA hangsweet naman! :D

  2. Saw this just now. Good job on writing this blog's first entry this year. The puppy says thank you. :3

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